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Pieces 1

Pieces of Pieces

Paintings by Laura Vitale, 2019

I Will Not Be Silenced

Paintings by Laura Vitale, 2018

You Don't Look Sick

You Don’t Look Sick

Paintings of An Invisible Illness
Paintings by Laura Vitale, 2012

Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

Portraits Of A Cyberspace Odyssey
Drawings by Laura Vitale, 2011

That's Me In Paint

That’s Me In Paint

Surviving The Death of My Father
Paintings by Laura Vitale, 2009

Portraits of a Stone Nation

Portraits of a Stone Nation

Pigeon Point Cretaceous Sandstone
Photographs by Laura Vitale, 2010

From A Window

From A Window

Original Songs by Laura Vitale
Produced by Laura Vitale, 2000

Weapons of Moth Destruction

A political documentary film about the Bay Area’s battle to stop the CDFA’s aerial LBAM spraying.
Produced by Laura Vitale, 2008