Imaginary Friends (2011)

Portraits Of A Cyberspace Odyssey
by Laura Vitale, 67 pages with 28 color drawings

Imaginary Friends

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“Once upon a time, in a cyber galaxy far, far away, I came upon a world that I previously didn’t know existed. The circumstances that that brought me to this unknown territory were that I had just crash landed into bed with a monumental health setback… It wasn’t long before I stumbled onto several online health forums and message boards.”

So begins Imaginary Friends, a book of drawings that chronicles Laura Vitale’s adventures in cyber-space. Containing a highly original, but somehow very familiar cast of characters, inspired by encounters on health forums on the web, Imaginary Friends “illustrates the roles that we all can get caught up in, and the masks we sometimes wear. I continue to be amused by the quirkiness of these characters,” writes Vitale, “and hope that you will enjoy them too.”

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