About Laura

LAURA VITALE is an artist and musician who lives in Santa Cruz, CA. Raised by scientist parents who forbade her to take art classes in high school, Laura taught herself to draw and eventually earned a master’s degree in art therapy. Since 2007 she’s devoted herself to process painting, producing nearly 500 paintings and several books of artwork.


Laura received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Colorado in Boulder and her M.A. in Art Therapy from Vermont College. Her thesis, on Art, Dreams, and Individuation, was a study of the art and dreams of thirty subjects as related to their individuation process.

Dream Studies

Laura’s fascination with dreams began during her teens, when a series of powerful nightmares rattled her core and changed the direction of her life. She has documented over 10,000 of her own dreams over a thirty year period and worked with fellow dreamers using a symbolic Jungian approach.

Artist Statement

My paintings are reflections of my inner process and my experience of the psyche as it manifests through my dreams and intuitions. Painting provides a place for me to step outside the box of rational thought, a place to be with my feelings and give them expression.