Weapons of Moth Destruction (2008)

A Political Documentary, 59 Minutes
Produced by Laura Vitale

DVD’s available lauravitale@cruzio.com
$12 plus S+H

Weapons of Moth Destruction is a political documentary made in protest to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA’s) plan to spray seven million people in several northern California counties with untested pesticides, for the sake of eradicating a quarter inch long moth known as the Light Brown Apple Moth, aka LBAM.

The film includes interviews with veteran environmental impact expert, David Dilworth of H.O.P.E., UC Davis invasion biology expert James Carey, Ph.D., UCSC Arboretum Director, Dan Harder Ph.D. (co-author with Jeff Rosendale of the New Zealand Report on LBAM), and Board Certified Environmental Medicine Expert, Doris Rapp, MD. Local government officials and community members also appear in the film.

Weapons of Moth Destruction is an artistic, sometimes satirical wake up call for citizens to get informed and involved, to know the LBAM truth vs the LBAM fiction, and to take political action to stop the CDFA’s needless and dangerous LBAM spray program.